Monday, May 11, 2015

Animals are Friends, Not Food
     Farm animals used in federal experiments to help the meat industry received new protections against mistreatment and neglect. The bill aims to extend the federal Animal Welfare Act to "shield cows, pigs, sheep and other animals used for agricultural research at federal facilities, including the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Neb., a unit of the Department of Agriculture."
     The act, which became law in 1966, excluded farm animals, focusing largely on cats and dogs used in laboratory research. The Aware Act came into place because raised concerns about the treatment of farm animals at a center that uses "breeding and surgical techniques to make the animals bigger, leaner, more prolific and more profitable." Interviews and internal records showed that experiments and everyday handling there have often subjected animals to illness, pain, and premature death.
     One of the many experiments has to do with lambs. Lamb consumption in a year is less then a pound, so it is not a shocker that their treatment becomes overlooked. In one experiment, they tried to make the lamb bigger, so they would produce more meat. These babies were injected with male hormones in the womb and in result, deformed their genitals, making it hard to urinate. Another experiment consisted of pasture lambing. Instead of lamb being dependent on human help, a Shepard, this new breed would be totally self relate, which sounds good in theory, but ultimately is proven to be a total bust. Even under perfect conditions, lamb mother's are notorious for leaving their babies. Without human help to keep the mother and their young together, there is no one looking out for the new baby lamb. A sheep with out it's mother, is expected to survive at most one night.
    With acts such as the Aware Act or the Animal Welfare, experiments and ill-treatment of animals will seize to exist.

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  1. A good blog. I feel like you could have gone into greater depth with research, but there were several good reads here. Thank you for your input! I had never even heard of "creed" feeding. Gee. What's next!

  2. I am researching treatment on animals as well, and from what I have read and discovered, I actually find it hard to believe that greedy farms would follow laws such as the Aware Act. Time and time again I read that companies have been suspected of going against such acts. Wish it wasn't so!